Slack Rules

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there lives the Slack Rules.

These are rules that should be followed in the Slack group.
These are enforced by the Community Reps team and should you see any of these occur, please report it with a Screenshot.

  • Please speak ENGLISH so that everyone can understand
  • No name calling
  • Respect members of the slack
  • No insulting remarks
  • No denigration is permitted of other peoples personal feature.
  • Just to be clear, you may disagree with anything or anyone you like, but you may not insult anyone (this means nobody may insult you either).
  • No harassment
  • No threats
  • No vulgarity
  • No obscenity
  • Only use the "@" slackbot commands only at time when 100% vital
  • No overuse of slack formatting or ASCII Symbols
  • No graphic sexual or anatomical references
  • No accusations
  • Do not ask any admins in slack to join a TMP server to deal with rule breakers.
  • No flaming
    (By "flaming" we mean saying anything that is hurtful to another individual. This includes all the things listed above, and also includes the intention to discredit, harm, put down, ostracise, or stirring up others to do similar.)
  • No bickering
    (By "bickering" we mean that exchanges including, but not limited to "I am not, You are too", or similar are strictly NOT permitted.)
  • No flooding
    (By "flooding" we mean posting many identical messages, posting meaningless messages, and posting in any way that results in an unreasonable amount of space being taken in the channel.)
  • The slack team is not a place to complain about bans, or rage about bans. File an appeal and leave it at that.
    (you are also reminded that there are a number of TruckersMP staff in this slack and your ban could be extended)
  • Insulting, arguing with, harassing (or similar) TruckersMP staff is strictly forbidden and is bannable both from Flagship slack and TruckersMP.

Flagship leadership reserve the right to update and change any rules without notice.