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It's not ability, It's family

"Flagship hosts some of the best and most popular events in the gaming community, but none of them are possible without the love and attention our team shows to the finer details"
- Daniel GIbson, Project Owner


Tackling a challenge, helps you move forward. Encouraging your team to do the same, helps them.


Working together is absolutely key to the success of any team, no less when it comes to events.


Brainstorming, planning and event logistics. Every detail, big or small is accounted for.

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The ability to think not just out of the box, but far beyond it's confines, that's what makes us truly unique.


It's what we are for; from start to finish, the community is always in the mind with our event design


Our members apply themselves and aspire to go higher, meet new people and do their best.

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